Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Semantic Web and Web2.0

Since some time, I am asking myself the question “what does Web2.0 mean for a company like iSOCO”, which is currently focusing on bringing Semantic Web technology to the market. Both technologies are expected to have high impact on businesses and society. But what is their relation? Are they complementary or competitors for achieving the same dream? When one says “Semantic Web”, one says “ontologies”; formal web representations of knowledge of a particular domain. When saying “Web2.0”, one says “communities”, “services” and much more (see

In my view, they are complementary, both helping to bring the web to its full potential for society and businesses. Rather than expressing this in text, I tried to add relevant tags (for Semantic Web and Web2.0) to all our Semantic Web applications we have been built over the past few years. The presentation can be downloaded here. Enjoy! It also includes a small introduction to iSOCO, but you can safely skip that.

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