Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Invited talks of ESTC 2007, Vienna

The first European Semantic Technologies Conference is over. We had 220 registered visitors, of which 80% from industry. A big success taking into account that it was the first edition.


The Invited talks can be downloaded in pdf.

  • Prof. Frank van Harmelen, Semantic Technologies anno 2007: main streams, popular falacies,
    current status, future challenges (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) ESTC2007_Van_Harmelen
  • Dr. Mark Greaves, The Relationship Between Web 2.0 And the Semantic Web (Vulcan Inc.) ESTC2007_Greaves_Vulcan
  • Ora Lassila, From the Semantic Web to a Broader Vision of Personal Computing (Nokia) ESTC2007_Lassila_InvitedTalk
  • Dave Pearson, Delivering Business Value with Semantic Technology (Oracle) ESTC2007_Pearson_Oracle
  • Dr. Susie Stephens, Integrating Enterprise Data with Semantic Web Technologies (Eli Lilly)

  • Dr. Benjamin Grosof, Commercializing Semantic Web:Rules, Services, and Roadmapping (MIT, Vulcan Inc.) ESTC2007_Grossof
  • Dr. Michael Brody (Verizon)

  • Also downloadable from the ESTC 2007 website.


    W3C SWEO Publishes Case Studies

    The Semantic Web Education and Outreach Interest Group (SWEO) of the World-Wide Web Consortium, headed by Tim Berners-Lee, publishes a list of concrete applications based on Semantic Technologies, presented by clients, rather than by technology vendors/providers. The list will be augmented as new applications are submitted. As of June 6, 2007, the list contains 18 applications, of which five are using semantic technology of iSOCO.

    The announcement has been made by Susie Stephen of Eli Lilly and is reproduced here:

    "The Semantic Web Education and Outreach (SWEO) Interest Group is pleased to announce the first set of Case Studies and Use Cases giving some examples of how the Semantic Web of machine readable data is used today. Applications are presented in areas ranging from automotive to health care, and from B2B systems to geographical information systems. The SWEO Interest Group will continue to publish new Case Studies and Use Cases in the future; an RSS feed for new submissions is available. A short overview is also available in Open Document Format, PDF, and HTML formats. "