Thursday, August 02, 2007

Technological Strategy 2.0

There are many ways to make a strategical technology plan for a company. One can analyze lots of relevant information, do a synthesis and come up with a plan. One of the key points is to decide what information to analyze, and what aspects to include.

If web3.0 already existed in its full extent, I could just type in some phrase such as "Find me relevant aspects for defining a Technological Strategy in the Telecommunitacions sector taking into account concepts like ICT, Internet, Multimedia, Ambient Intelligence, Intelligent neworks", and I would get relevant information to consider. Unfortunately, web3.0 is not yet there in this extent.

But maybe web2.0 can help out? Maybe there is a community out there that can suggest interesting things to take into account for defining such a plan.

Open innovation? Innovation 2.0? Name it what you want. I invite everybody to react with relevant concepts, notions, technologies, trends, business ideas, etc, etc. to contribute to such a technological plan in an innovative way ...

Thank you in advance!

Change of focus

Due to my professional change, I have adapted the topic of the blog to the more general topic of technological innovation.