Thursday, February 26, 2009

Interview for German TV, Mobile World Congress

End of January 2009, I was interviewed by the German TV 3sat channel for a program called “Neues”, a weekly program (Sunday, 4.30 p.m.) produced by the public TV station 3sat and broadcasted in Germany, Austria and Switzerland ( It focuses on computers, telecommunications and consumer electronics. The program covers current products and topics as well as long-term trends. The interview forms part of a reportage (min 2:17 and 3:20) about Telefonica and its presence at the Mobile World Congress that took place from Feb. 16-19 in Barcelona.

It was an interesting experience and a lot of activity for a few seconds of movie…

The questions that I answered included:

1. Telefonica is the leader of Telcos worldwide. How you would like to tighten this position?
2. Isn´t it very difficult to keep this position, cause Telefonica has activities in very different countries?
3. At the MWC will be present some very important technologies. For example NFC. Is it important for some future projects of Telefonica and when do you think there will be a breakthrough in the mass market?
4. Do you think the fixed network will have a future?
5. Which market is much more important, the South American or the European?
6. Is Telefonica developing some wireless standards after wimax or hsdpa?
7. Do you think there will be some bounds in the future for wireless technologies like LTE?
8. Where do you see Telefonica in 10 years?

See for yourself which of them have been selected for the reportage.


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