Monday, May 21, 2007

Free Office to PDF converter
In my experience, much quicker and more robust than Adobe's. The reason for posting this on my blog, while it has nothing to do with Intelligent Applications, is that I generate lots of PDF documents from MS Office (Word, PPT), and more often than I want, I waste time in this process through slowness and errors of PDF writer (at least on my machines).

So I thought maybe others experience the same problems in execution of this boring task.


Vincent said...

There is an online service which does a great job at converting PDF files to Word and Excel (your choice) Free PDF Converter It has many useful features and is free with limitations. For a nominal fee, you can subscribe to this service unlocking the limitations and obtain full features. It supports 117 formats and can do batch conversions by uploading a Zip file. Excellent security and a fast server.

Raju said...

Check out FREE online web serices

Text to PDF - Single click PDF generation and
PDF Maker - Create PDF documents with WYSIWYG editor

Both of them does not need any document upload or conversion

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