Saturday, January 20, 2007

1st European Semantic Technology Conference (ESTC2007) initiates a new conference series in Semantic technologies in Europe

1st European Semantic Technology Conference (ESTC2007) initiates a new conference series in Semantic technologies in Europe

The European Semantic Technologies Conference aims to be the European platform for bringing together those who use Semantic Technologies in their business, those who implement Semantic Solutions and those who build semantically-enabled products. So far, existing events around Semantic Technologies have been mostly academically oriented. With the technology becoming more mature and deployed, the need for a more industrial and commercially oriented event is evident.

The following texts come from a press release and the Call for Presentations of ESTC 2007. Full press release can be found here.

ESTC2007 is a new European meeting place for users, practitioners, developers and researchers to discuss the applicability and commercialization of semantic technologies for enterprises and public organizations. ESTC also enables delegates to understand Semantic Technologies and their potential and how to exploit these technologies in their organizations.

The conference will be held in Hofburg Redouten Säle, Vienna, Austria, May 31 – June 1, 2007 and will feature case study and practical experience presentations, workshops and tutorials, invited talks and an industrial exhibition.

Conference chairman Dr John Davies, Head of BT’s Next Generation Web unit, said “I am very pleased to be able to announce the initiation of this conference series. Given the increasing maturity of semantic technology, the time is right to complement more technical and academic conferences in this area with an annual European conference focusing on deployment and the commercial benefits semantic technology can deliver.”

The first ESTC is looking for contributions of:
  • Businesses and public organizations describing their practical experience (case studies) in using Semantic Technologies (the problem, the solution, initial expectations, the project, results, cost/benefit)
  • Vendor reports on semantically-enabled products and solutions
  • Analyst reports on the current market situation for Semantic Technologies

In particular, we invite the submission of case studies, reports and practical experience papers.

The full CFP can be found here.

The Program Chair is advised by a Program Advisory Board, which consists of a mixture of industrial people, research analysts, venture capitalists, and renowned academics with an interest in applied research.


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